flyingToday it’s a short post.

I have to go travel this morning and visit a sick relative.

Not a fun trip but a responsibility.

She is an author, a mother, an accomplished person. Optimistic, funny and brave.

We compare notes on articles we write and update on family members, benchmark each other’s careers. Hers is being cut short. It pains me that I may never see her again.

As we all know, life is short and fleeting. Every time we “touch” someone we have an impact. If you reach out someone who is in pain or hardship (or hopefully, after a win or a success), it’s the right thing to do. Not because this is top of my mind right now, but just in general. Gestures, as I have written before, count!

I’ll be back on Monday (skipping tomorrow’s post as I know you will understand) and restart fresh, lightened, enlightened and complete after seeing her.