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Groups: those rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated

deathThanks to Mark Twain for the inspiration; the swirling rumors of the coming demise of the end of our own little worlds as we know it, especially goodbye to comfortable things we follow and use, can, and will be overdone.

To my point: smart people I respect lamented that reliable sources warned them of the news of LinkedIn killing Groups.

Not so, I learned today.

Sorry but it just didn’t make sense, and yes, LinkedIn recently made all groups “closed,” i.e., requiring a Group manager to approve the admission of a new member to the group.

LinkedIn is always changing, not always for the better, as it seems, but usually, finally, we all adapt.

So I poo-poo’ed the rumors and told others it ran counter to the purpose and message of LinkedIn: to create community among business experts, in this case Groups, as silos of similarly-interested professionals.

I awaited confirmation of my sentiments, and today it came.

link from a LinkedIn Help Desk article, aimed at assisting Group Managers with the upcoming back office changes to Groups, and an excerpt from it, demonstrate LinkedIn’s commitment to Groups.

Are there any plans to remove Groups?

We remain invested in the LinkedIn Groups experience. Professional conversations are at the heart of what LinkedIn has to offer. We’re always looking for new and improved ways to help our members engage with, share, and discuss timely and relevant topics with other professionals.

What is your long term vision for Groups?

We remain committed to being a platform where members from around the world can come together to discuss and share their perspectives and insights, and engage in a professional community that matters to them.

Too politically correct? Perhaps, and even while vague, like a news interview pivot of a politician in the proverbial swamp, it still has meaning. It seems to me that the mere mention of LinkedIn’s long term vision for Groups signifies there is one, so there we have it!

Too bad that rumormongers rummage to ruminate, rambling at the rumble of LinkedIn retirements!

1 thought on “Groups: those rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated”

  1. It’s an interesting link there, where LinkedIn says “We remain invested in the LinkedIn Groups experience”.

    We can only wonder why Groups are now found cryptically hidden in “other LinkedIn products”, why I no longer receive notifications from Groups, including the one I attempt to manage, why in order to get to my own group I have to click 4 times from the home page, and why group discussions no longer seem to appear in my news feed.

    It’s not sure what experience they are investing in so far as groups are concerned – but as it stands the utility of groups is severely limited. I love the idea of Groups and always have – but LinkedIn’s execution of groups is extremely poor right now.

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