sharingIt’s a challenge to be original and relevant, especially in your area of expertise, in what you update your connections with on LinkedIn.

Sometimes we just want to share an article we read and appreciated.

But too often we feel we have to only update with material in our sphere of knowledge. As if an update on a general topic all business people would appreciate somehow deflates our worth.

We read, we save for later usage, yet we fail to share with others. So consider the next time you read a general business piece, ask yourself:

  • “Could that be useful for others?”
  • “Why not make it an update on LinkedIn?”
  • “What brief intro can I add to the top of the update to let others know why this is a good piece?”
  • “Now I’ll copy and paste the URL of the article.”
  • “Voila-LinkedIn tacks it to the bottom of my update with a graphic to make it more interesting and eye-catching.”
  • “I just contributed to others’ personal learning.”
  • {Feel that satisfaction}….

Here’s an article I shared the other day, with the link to the article at the top and another link at the bottom on a similar theme (double dipping!):


The first link:; the second:

Don’t be too busy to contribute materials you curated materials to others for their benefit too.