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Publicity and @LinkedIn

writingPR, publicity, publications you appear/are quoted in, articles you wrote, being a published author…all are part of the entrepreneurial experience.

You want to announce them as they happen on LinkedIn. There are a few ways to do this and all should be considered for their respective audiences:

  1. create an update on your home page and tell the world what the article is about, why is it helpful and cite the URL. Speak to a global, multi-interest audience. That’s a start.
  2. post similarly in your relevant LinkedIn Groups, but amend the announcement to the audience’s interests. Don’t be lazy and copy-paste the same you placed in the home page update. This is important stuff.
  3. place another announcement in your company profile page, and reiterate how this is important and helpful to followers of your company profile page.

(I will stop here for an observation: all of the above tend to disappear with time and the addition of new material over top your announcement. So how do you memorialize this in a place that your reader and you can readily find it for later use?)

4. make an entry in your Publications section of your personal profile. Follow the direction that LinkedIn gives you as you fill in each data field and you will then have a permanent entry on your profile. An example from last year’s article (that you may still find helpful). Clicking “see publication” will take you here.


Think of paper publications, as well as TV, video, radio, podcasts, etc, all in the mix of media we crave to accentuate our business and tell why we do what we do.

Make announcing and memorializing each instance of media exposure a LinkedIn priority.




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