Want to know where your name and brand appears on the internet?

It’s important that you know.

I use Mention, a French company’s global internet “clipping” service.

Everyday they scour the internet for mentions of my name and company. They always pick up my blog post and my intermittent LinkedIn Posts, as well as other articles I wrote that broke that day or the day before, and pass them to me by email:


And every so often I am advised of an older article that someone referred to, quoted from, or somehow my name or company or blog or LinkedIn profile, etc. was mentioned, so that’s worthy of a thank-you shout-out to them, and were it not for Mention, I would be unaware. Relationship-building.

That way I can write the blog posts ahead of time, schedule them in and know they were published as I intended. Sometimes there’s a glitch so by the Mention email not coming to me, that tells me I have to intervene to see what went awry.

(Mention is a better a service than Google Alert IMHO.)

Ah technology. Lets you know when you are in the news.

Or not.