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The shape of (a few) things to come on @LinkedIn



Do you subscribe (free!) to the LinkedIn blog?

If not, you should. You will receive pre-notification of some interesting changes to come.

Sometimes they advise you they will soon be taking some section or sections away.

Sometimes they add some bell or whistle or reinstate some aspect (like search variables) that we have been clamoring for, and thus we all benefit. I guess they listen.

I have already told you about many of the upcoming helpful changes to the new desktop user interface in my blog, but here it is a glimpse of your future right from the proverbial horse’s mouth:


Want these LinkedIn blog pieces delivered to you? When you open the above page on their blog, be sure to click the blue “email subscription” button at the bottom right as you can see above to get these updates delivered to your email, as they break.

Forewarned is forearmed, especially when you are making your brand count in business. Right?

1 thought on “The shape of (a few) things to come on @LinkedIn”

  1. Thank you for the head’s up, Mark. I previously subscribed to the LinkedIn blog. In addition to your post, I first learned of the latest changes to #ProjectNeptune via a #GoogleAlert I had set up earlier. As of this morning, I’m still waiting for their notification.

    I wish Microsoft/LinkedIn would ALSO address the items identified in via their blog, or a post by @JeffWeiner.

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