whyI saw a great movie Friday, “Collateral Beauty,” which I strongly recommend. It had me from the very first minutes as Will Smith’s character implores his employees in an anniversary celebration to explain “what is your why” as a company and a creative individual, done at each touchpoint with the customer.

Great advice indeed.

The movie started out with why and ended with why. See it.

It’s also the start of Passover tonight, a holiday in which we ask “why is this night different from all other nights” and we proceed throughout a celebratory service and dinner to explain that to our children to keep the idea alive.

The “why” in each of us seeks to be expanded and elaborated, although many repress it as too personal or nor businesslike enough. Not quite.

The “why you do what you do” (WYDWYD) as I call it, is essential to making a prospective client want to know more about you, using LinkedIn as one vehicle to demonstrate it.

Your overt actions and gestures on LinkedIn must set you apart and reflect what makes you noteworthy enough to be contacted or recalled at the next pertinent opportunity. That’s the goal, right?

“What” and “who” is too simplistic. Be a “why” and you will stand out from the competition. Take Will Smith’s advice. Read “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. Be yourself and be compelling, or risk fading into the background as dull, drab, boring.

Start and end the potential client’s curiosity with “why.”