traincommutersRarely does the commuter train perform better than expectation (it’s usually a standardized few minutes late) yet today my train to the city caused a bit of a stir at the station when it arrived early, and left, early.

Yeah, early.  People were running to catch it, awakening them from their daily zombie trek to climb aboard and snooze on the same train, the same car, the same day after day. Another train would certainly come later, but these suburban creatures of habit know the drill and follow it. No grumbling heard. Snores, yes.

The LinkedIn tie-in, you ask?

Casual viewers of your profile need a wake up call, alerted by your profile that you are no automaton with a resume copied and pasted into your LinkedIn profile.

Rather, you are uniquely an expert with a service or product destined to help them in a need or pain they abide but want to resolve.

Your profile arrives on their screen and causes a mild stir, mentally and emotionally beckoning them to want to read lower, further to the end of your profile, with a perceived need to contact you.

So, toot your train whistle in your profile.

Make your reader scurry towards the opportunity to ride with you.