mechanic1My car was recalled. Happens.

Parts will be replaced with new improved ones that work (or work better). It takes 2 hours of labor, as I am writing you this blog piece as I wait.

Others in the lounge with me using LinkedIn. I see it all the time, but are they getting the very best possible from LinkedIn?

Are you?

It starts with your profile. You know you have to work for your reputation. You have to cultivate your brand. If your LinkedIn profile is not reinforcing what you strive to impress on others in other ways, you better get under that hood and find that part that is not reliable.

If you are not getting the mileage or comfort you expect (or erroneously rely on) LinkedIn to provide as a matter of course, you want to switch out parts and replace them with new improved, and better working parts. Section by section.

Mentally, go to the shop and swap out one part for the one(s) that make your brand engine hum….