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Overcompensating your #LinkedIn audience can be good

luggageI flew last month and see from my credit card bill that the airline overcharged me $10 for the baggage fee.

Is it worth the hassle to chase after the $10? I think so; it’s the fact that no human was involved to make that error, as an automated baggage fee kiosk did it, so I am willing to invest the time to tell the airline that their machine screwed up.

Now I get technology is a complicated thing, as I live it everyday in my other business, as well  as being a power user of LinkedIn. Stuff happens.

So I pursued the $10 overcharge and was emailed a $100 gift certificate to a flight on that airline. A $100 credit for a $10 overcharge! That’s over compensating the client; offering goodwill to absolve the error.

My blog connection to this parable?  Offer more than is expected to stand out. To the casual reader of your LinkedIn profile, make your story clear and complete. Elaborate and use third-party skills endorsements and recommendations to demonstrate your intrinsic worth, why you do what you do, and others telling how well you do why you say you do what you do.

Make an initial impression that will last.

An error, typo or incomplete profile will take a lot more overcompensation later to “right” the misinterpretation,

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