oldphoneIn the old days you could make a long distance call: either station-to-station or person-to- person.

Operators placed your call and announced the type of long distance call to whomever answered.

In the former, the call time was charged starting whenever anyone answered. In the latter, when only the person you named to the operator answered. Yes, seems iron age, but it’s in my memory bank.

So, as I recalled this from a book I am reading about post-WW2 America, I wondered: is your LinkedIn profile station-to-station or is it person-to-person?

  • Are you generic and open to speak to anyone whether or not they are the intended party?
  • Or are you honed in to a specific type of person who would likely engage you from your selected audience?

Be person-to-person.

Be amazing-er than the competitor.

Be successful-er today and tomorrow than your past.