scissorGone, with no warning, 2 LinkedIn personal profile sections:

  1. Interests: a section I liked to show the other side of you,and me, beyond business, a peek into the fun side we have in our lives. I used to have a boss who said if work wasn’t fun, it wasn’t worth doing, and that was decades before it was acceptable to bring your dog to work or play, nap and get some work done in the office during the day…
  2. Advice for contacting {your name}: I used this to leave a parting thought or wrap-up concept you wanted the reader to carry away when they read your profile to the bottom. It was a good place to repeat your email address and/or your phone number as the casual reader really did not want to scroll up tot he top to find it, all in the expectation that they like what they read to the bottom and would contact you.

Goodby old reliable sections.

To the smart folks at LinkedIn, a little warning that sections would be lopped off would be helpful, ahead of time. I had to find out by deduction and then authenticate on the Help Center.

A lot of us take our profiles very seriously.

Idea: LinkedIn, you can always bring them back…