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Where they hid a connection’s connections on the new #LinkedIn

help2An email from a very enterprising colleague came in yesterday, asking what happened to your ability to look at your connection’s connections en excellent tactic for mining possible new business via warm introduction from the mutual connection.

A very good question indeed and we are all learning how to maneuver in the new desktop user interface. It’s still there but you have to know where to look, like so much in the (new? simplified?) LinkedIn.

First open the mutual connections’ LinkedIn profile in the Highlights box. This is found just under their Intro box (containing headshot, headline and what used to be called Summary), and in that Highlights box you will see “x Mutual Connections.” Click that.

That opens an overlay box that looks like this:


There you go. It’s there, now just taking a few extra steps to get to it.

Happy hunting!

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