Many thanks to colleague and friend Pat LaRussa for her observations and advice on best practices in networking, with a LinkedIn twist!


guest blogWhen I described Networking to a friend of mine, she said, “Oh, you go to parties for living!” I hadn’t thought of it like that, but she’s absolutely right! I network for business and also get many personal referrals; the networking events are my favorite because I love hot hors d’oeuvres – you’ll find me eating at all the best parties!

There is an excellent addition to getting yourself out there and meeting the right people. LinkedIn is a resource with great potential to shortcut the search for more business – all the information you need is on the site; you just ask for it! It lets you sort in so many categories!  The depth of information increases with a Premium Membership.  Give it a 30-day trial; you’ll either be spoiled by all the help or you’ll enjoy a month’s worth of great information!

Once you decide to grow your network, go about it methodically.  Set a weekly goal of at least 3 networking events and use LinkedIn to contact at least 10 qualified people. So often we manufacture excuses not to prospect.  If that strikes a chord in you, the cure is to find out why that’s happening. The answer you get is likely to determine your success potential for the rest of your career!

Patterns appear in our everyday practices.  If the pattern creates an opportunity, congratulations!  If the pattern creates an obstacle, you may need some help to manage or remove it so you can move more easily toward success.

Using LinkedIn can create a positive pattern that furthers your goals.  Follow through is what’s important.  You can do your research and if your follow through is weak, nothing happens.  Be mindful about where you place the responsibility for success or failure. It’s important to understand that the responsibility is yours, no matter what.

When you can understand and believe why and how you are the catalyst, success will follow. Try using LinkedIn as a test of your ability to follow through.  You may be surprised at what you learn.  If you like the results, you’re on the right track.  If you don’t, you can use some help. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that with a little work, we can change our patterns and create a better path to success!

I hope this helps in your networking. What’s most important is to find a way to enjoy what you’re doing. If you’re at a standstill or you don’t love your job or you want more rewards, we really should talk!  In a 30-minute, complimentary “Chemistry Conversation” you’ll know if our working together can make you more successful! Try me – you’ll like me!


patlarussaPat LaRussa, the founder of Positive Image, has created a different approach to achieving a powerful presence that enables you to win business, gain control and express yourself with confidence and clarity. When fear or uncertainty creates an obstacle – whether you’re giving a sales presentation, a networking spotlight, starting a business or if you just want to tell someone what you really think, Pat gives you the tools to exercise confidence you never knew you had! Her process is dynamic, savvy and very effective!

A lifetime in sales gave her a deep understanding of the human psyche. She was a tennis instructor, commercial real estate leasing broker in Manhattan, international trader of pre-owned MRI imaging systems and Xerox Channel partner dealing in office equipment. She succeeded in each of these occupations for a decade or more. Using a lifetime of experience, Pat helps anyone overcome obstacles impeding their growth and success. Word of mouth is spreading her success!

Positive Image has been in the forefront of Pat’s focus and passion for the past four years. Her work has changed many lives for the better!