slide4_newuiIn this installment of the week’s review of the changes that LinkedIn has undergone, and by now it is reported that 90% of us have it, you will  have to adjust to a watered-down search function to do your research.

The search bar at the top of the graphic is roughly equivalent to the simple search that LinkedIn offered: search by one or two variables, simple like {first name} {last name} or “VP Finance XYZ Corp.”

Some of us grew accustomed to the advanced search function which you chose variables from lists and got excellent results.

Now, dear readers, it’s Boolean search on a few simple variables and that’s all you get. Google “boolean search” to learn more.

Unless of course you want to subscribe to premium services like Recruiter (for the HR industry) or Sales Navigator (for yes, the sales function), at $99.99 or $69.99 a month respectively.

Yes, LinkedIn grew up, and into a greedy service provider, with this most important and disappointing change in the new user interface. IMHO.