Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back at ya

I was speaking at a conference in California, and in a true keystone cops series of events all day up to my speaking time that afternoon, I arrived at the dais with 20 minutes to spare. Talk accomplished. Kept my commitment to speak. Surprised myself as I look back. So much can go haywire when you travel…

While I was away I let the blog lapse a bit. I am not sure who noticed, but I am back.

Then Saturday I ran into a colleague who did notice, and this made my blogging feel worthwhile. This is for you, Diane. Thanks, after a long week and a half of being out, it felt good to have your positive comments!

And while I was away, and perhaps this happened to you too, I was given access to the new LinkedIn user interface on your/my desktop. If you don’t have it yet, it’s coming in some weird algorithm from the folks at LinkedIn and you will notice differences. You will want to go back, but that’s not an option.

And me? I’m back and will be blogging back at ya every biz day.

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