Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Snowmageddon (not quite) but a great day!

snowcrisscrossNot complaining, but the great nor’easter snow storm only amounted to 8 inches here so we got lucky.

The day was spent teaching LinkedIn to 4 coaching clients, from Florida to Genoa (Italy) to Connecticut.

Each crisscrossing their career needs with my guidance to give his or her own perspective on LinkedIn, and each a unique story about “why him/her.”

From one to the other, a finely tuned scheduled was required, with small breaks in between.I managed to keep everyone on time, +/-10 minutes.

Would I do 4 sessions in one day again?

Oh yes, in a heartbeat.

And my heartbeat continued to throb as I plowed us out at 5 pm after my final coaching client for the day.

A word to the wise, today is another day Northeast people stay in and a good one to reach out and contact them. Warm them up on a cold day. Pump them for help and circulate your collaboration back.


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