It’s 6 am and already an inch of snow on the ground. The forecast calls for another 9-11″ more.

Everyone will be working from home today, or if they had to go to work, it will be a quieter day than normal.

Suggestion: take this as an opportunity and reach out to make some new connections with people you have met along the way, want to expand your relationship, see some promise for mutual assistance and/or business opportunities.

Find them on LinkedIn, click “Connect” and send them a warm note on a cold day. 

Now do that again a few times. Then a day or so later, they will have accepted your connection request, so keep the contact warm and “on-board” them with an article you suggest, an invitation to coffee, or schedule a phone call.

Be aggressively friendly. Be proactive.

Keep them active in your personal learning network. Keep it real. Keep doing this and you wil amass a stable of great connections you can lean on and vice versa.

Let me know when you have a particularly successful result. I do like to hear about these.

Stay “warm.”