slipSo LinkedIn, do you think I can get the new user interface soon?

It’s appearing on other clients’ screens and on the coop-etition’s as well. Not mine.

But brouhaha! I have a way to see mine in the new interface (a super secret URL)!

And for the most part I like the new look.

I’ll miss some of the old things. Like Tags and the CRM-lite function.

I’ll slip and fall a few times, pick myself up, adapt and glide out of the old and into the new user interface.

That is, whenever you decide I can have it…

But how will my clients fare?

I’ll be here to help…

And now that you have further confused the fence-sitting LinkedIn users (those who don’t like it very much but know they have to use it), will they stay loyal?

Rhetorical question for a Wednesday…