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Effective messaging on #LinkedIn

basketThere are many ways to communicate a personalized message on LinkedIn. Some are business-related, some are celebratory, like a work anniversary or a promotion. (Resist the birthday wishes on LinkedIn please.)

LinkedIn provides you a fast and easy (too easy) way to send one, nudging you to wish someone well at the right milestone.

But given the hectic pace we operate in even on a good day, we often opt to use the default congrats message LinkedIn  suggests.

It’s a bit repetitious when dozens of people wish you well using the same message.

How can you stand out? Personalize it!

Add a comment sentence or insert a few words and send it along. Or rewrite it completely. Sign it with a warm end note.

Be yourself. Make the other person know you made the extra effort, because they, in your opinion, are worth a few seconds of special comments. Take every opportunity to reconnect and revive a friendship or business relationship with a few well-chosen words at an opportune time.

They will remember you.

Such was the case for my relative’s recent milestone. We solicited as many cards by mail as the birthday number, and we over achieved.

No, you over achieved!

Some simply signed a card, for which we are grateful–believe me, no matter how much you put into this.

Personalities emerged, as expected: some added nostalgic stories and letters within the card, some people we do not even know mailed really elaborate and thoughtful cards, one person sent 9 cards; in other words, people in their own way really got into this!.

The point? The ones my relative will remember the best and longest are the wishes from people who went above-and-beyond, in their own way.

In the context of this blog: be unique, be a brand, give of yourself as you send a well-wishing message to someone on LinkedIn.


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