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#LinkedIn grows up 1

Perhaps we like the old LinkedIn way of life. LinkedIn did not and has been slowly adjusting us to a new desktop “experience” much like that on your iPad or iPhone. The icons and graphic look are better, but the functionality is poorer. In my humble estimation,. they tool a very hard-to-use product and it harder-to-use well.


These are just some of the changes.Do not resist. There is no turning back. You will adjust.

More details on these  changes all week in this blog.


Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back at ya

I was speaking at a conference in California, and in a true keystone cops series of events all day up to my speaking time that afternoon, I arrived at the dais with 20 minutes to spare. Talk accomplished. Kept my commitment to speak. Surprised myself as I look back. So much can go haywire when you travel…

While I was away I let the blog lapse a bit. I am not sure who noticed, but I am back.

Then Saturday I ran into a colleague who did notice, and this made my blogging feel worthwhile. This is for you, Diane. Thanks, after a long week and a half of being out, it felt good to have your positive comments!

And while I was away, and perhaps this happened to you too, I was given access to the new LinkedIn user interface on your/my desktop. If you don’t have it yet, it’s coming in some weird algorithm from the folks at LinkedIn and you will notice differences. You will want to go back, but that’s not an option.

And me? I’m back and will be blogging back at ya every biz day.

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

“Me” on #LinkedIn

meThe new user interface on LinkedIn places you and me squarely in the middle.

Everything you do to improve your profile is found in the “Me” tab at the top. You edit your profile in “Me;” no longer a separate click or two to Edit Profile.

Why is this important?

Because as I have been saying to you, it’s the “why” you say and the “how” others reinforce that in Skills Endorsements and Recommendations.

If you leave gaps, other will say things or assume things, and that may not be “what” you want to brand yourself with.

So write the “me” and do it well!

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

On the radio (again) re #LinkedIn new UI

Always a pleasure to speak with Joe Connolly at WCBS Newsradio 880 in NYC yesterday morning.

It’s been a regular nearly semi-annual gig.

The more we speak, the more his, and your, understanding of this self-branding power tool grows and is clearly appreciated.

2 Tweets from him right after the interview: wcbs-tweets-feb-17

Stay tuned.

As the snippets are audio posted online I will paste them here.


Today's LinkedIn Nugget

232 is a magic number on #LinkedIn now

fig-8-1Yes that’s the number of the character in the first 2 lines of your Intro (formerly known as Summary) section in the new LinkedIn user interface.

Which means you get a second brief opportunity to make the casual reader of your profile want to know more about you, and click to “see more” to open the rest of your Intro narrative. (The first opportunity, as you have seen me pontificate here, is the 120-character Headline.)

How fast can YOU read 352 characters?

Mine starts with “I help you” and ends with “Read how:”

LinkedIn supplies the “…” free.

232. That’s how space/time you get to be considered for the next project, job, referral, opportunity, etc. to tell why you do what you do.

Why is this important? The reader may or may not just click “see more” unless you compel him/her to.

Which means now is the time to rewrite the first 232 characters (including spaces!) of your Intro.


Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Snowmageddon (not quite) but a great day!

snowcrisscrossNot complaining, but the great nor’easter snow storm only amounted to 8 inches here so we got lucky.

The day was spent teaching LinkedIn to 4 coaching clients, from Florida to Genoa (Italy) to Connecticut.

Each crisscrossing their career needs with my guidance to give his or her own perspective on LinkedIn, and each a unique story about “why him/her.”

From one to the other, a finely tuned scheduled was required, with small breaks in between.I managed to keep everyone on time, +/-10 minutes.

Would I do 4 sessions in one day again?

Oh yes, in a heartbeat.

And my heartbeat continued to throb as I plowed us out at 5 pm after my final coaching client for the day.

A word to the wise, today is another day Northeast people stay in and a good one to reach out and contact them. Warm them up on a cold day. Pump them for help and circulate your collaboration back.


Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Snowmageddon: time to make new contacts on #LinkedIn

It’s 6 am and already an inch of snow on the ground. The forecast calls for another 9-11″ more.

Everyone will be working from home today, or if they had to go to work, it will be a quieter day than normal.

Suggestion: take this as an opportunity and reach out to make some new connections with people you have met along the way, want to expand your relationship, see some promise for mutual assistance and/or business opportunities.

Find them on LinkedIn, click “Connect” and send them a warm note on a cold day. 

Now do that again a few times. Then a day or so later, they will have accepted your connection request, so keep the contact warm and “on-board” them with an article you suggest, an invitation to coffee, or schedule a phone call.

Be aggressively friendly. Be proactive.

Keep them active in your personal learning network. Keep it real. Keep doing this and you wil amass a stable of great connections you can lean on and vice versa.

Let me know when you have a particularly successful result. I do like to hear about these.

Stay “warm.”

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Slip sliding away on #LinkedIn

slipSo LinkedIn, do you think I can get the new user interface soon?

It’s appearing on other clients’ screens and on the coop-etition’s as well. Not mine.

But brouhaha! I have a way to see mine in the new interface (a super secret URL)!

And for the most part I like the new look.

I’ll miss some of the old things. Like Tags and the CRM-lite function.

I’ll slip and fall a few times, pick myself up, adapt and glide out of the old and into the new user interface.

That is, whenever you decide I can have it…

But how will my clients fare?

I’ll be here to help…

And now that you have further confused the fence-sitting LinkedIn users (those who don’t like it very much but know they have to use it), will they stay loyal?

Rhetorical question for a Wednesday…


Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Effective messaging on #LinkedIn

basketThere are many ways to communicate a personalized message on LinkedIn. Some are business-related, some are celebratory, like a work anniversary or a promotion. (Resist the birthday wishes on LinkedIn please.)

LinkedIn provides you a fast and easy (too easy) way to send one, nudging you to wish someone well at the right milestone.

But given the hectic pace we operate in even on a good day, we often opt to use the default congrats message LinkedIn  suggests.

It’s a bit repetitious when dozens of people wish you well using the same message.

How can you stand out? Personalize it!

Add a comment sentence or insert a few words and send it along. Or rewrite it completely. Sign it with a warm end note.

Be yourself. Make the other person know you made the extra effort, because they, in your opinion, are worth a few seconds of special comments. Take every opportunity to reconnect and revive a friendship or business relationship with a few well-chosen words at an opportune time.

They will remember you.

Such was the case for my relative’s recent milestone. We solicited as many cards by mail as the birthday number, and we over achieved.

No, you over achieved!

Some simply signed a card, for which we are grateful–believe me, no matter how much you put into this.

Personalities emerged, as expected: some added nostalgic stories and letters within the card, some people we do not even know mailed really elaborate and thoughtful cards, one person sent 9 cards; in other words, people in their own way really got into this!.

The point? The ones my relative will remember the best and longest are the wishes from people who went above-and-beyond, in their own way.

In the context of this blog: be unique, be a brand, give of yourself as you send a well-wishing message to someone on LinkedIn.