realpeoplenotactorsAn ad on TV shows amazed consumers ogling over a car. “Real People. Not Actors” rolls across the screen as they drool and guffaw. Well, perhaps not drool.

Each person is actor-looking material. They speak beautifully. So I am highly skeptical of how real the assertion is that they are not actors. Yes, they are people. And yes they are real as far as I can tell.

Melania Trump is a real person. But would I believe her word now that she plagiarized Michelle Obama? But I digress politically…Back to the ad. I am not particularly convinced. The ad agency thought I would be, perhaps after numerous focus groups.

The point? What you think will convince others, even if tested, may not work. Drawing attention to your “real-ness” is a sham, like a sign saying meals are “home-cooked” in a restaurant. C’mon!

If I doubt you once, you’re cooked. Well-done!

Similarly, your LinkedIn profile needs a sense of individual personality and authenticity, in your own voice, as if you are speaking out loud to the reader. No false contentions to make them doubt your value for a nanosecond, or your drab tone to make them yawn at your product/service offering.

You have to be memorable. You are a real person, indeed, a mere mortal, and your business marketing is delicate balancing act, not helped by being an unbelievable actor in any medium, LinkedIn included.

I always say everyone is amazing. I just help you come across on LinkedIn as “amazing-er” than the competitor.