“Shortened from the full statement of “Cry me a river (means) build a bridge and GET THE %^& OVER IT!” according to a contributor to Urban Dictionary.

In other words,. stop complaining. Here’s what I heard on my phone yesterday:

“LinkedIn’s not for me. I’m too old for social media.” (My mental responses in italics:) Are you breathing? Have I got a website for you: TechBoomers!

“I don’t need it in my business.” Oh I see you have enough business. What happens when it dries up, seasonally, in a down economic cycle, or just due to circumstances?

“I don’t understand why anyone cares.” No one will, unless you give them a reason to know about you, in your own words.

Stop being last-century and negative that something in tech doesn’t work for you.

Start adapting.

467 million people can make LinkedIn work for them. Myself included, because I can always do better

Open your mind and relate your unique story, in your own words, and tell why you do what you do. If you can’t find the words, I will counsel you to do so.

Then good things can come from smart use of LinkedIn:

  • Yesterday I showed you another (!) example of thinking outside the box that led to a success using LinkedIn: connecting through me to collaborate with someone.
  • Recently I provided you a double guest blog piece that showed how 2 colleagues used LinkedIn to gain new business.

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