I do love the smart use of researching contacts on LinkedIn, using the power of others’ connections to increase and expand one’s knowledge base and accommodate a specific need.

In this case, I received an email from Michael Bendit, ( a connection whom I do not have enough frequent contact but we see and comment on each other’s work successes via LinkedIn.

From his email :


Happy new year.  I hope this email finds you well.

As you know, I spend a lot of time networking for my software development services sales representation business.  However, I am reaching out to you on completely different topic.

I’m working on an idea to launch a non-profit, called the Center for Career Oriented Education, that will help high school guidance counselors expose students to a broad range of career opportunities.  The first program will be a series of motivational career presentations called My Inspiring Career (MIC) Talks to be held 10-20 times per year in high school auditoriums around the country.

I am looking to get feedback on the idea from high school guidance counselors and see that you are connected to Henry DelAngelo ( who is a guidance counselor at Joel Barlow High School.  Do you know Henry?  If so, would you be willing to make an introduction or ask by email if he would be open to providing some feedback on the idea?

I would greatly appreciate your help on this.

Best Regards,


Recognizing that Henry, my colleague for quite a long time, is a valued and reliable expert in his field, and thus a good critic of the new idea, I happily made the connection for Michael to Henry.

I am happy to report that Henry’s reaction was energetic and the two will compare notes.

And hopefully they will become LinkedIn connections for collaboration now and into the future..

Connect2collaborate. Kinda like that name…