awardsIt’s essential to boil down your comments to the targeted audience when you write your LinkedIn profile. You want to be sure you speak to them in the clearest manner possible.

If that include jargon, acronyms, foreign phrases, fine. But remember there are others who might stop by and read your profile who do not know what these particular things mean, so best to define them or provide a link for further explanation.

Know that LinkedIn will appeal to people in all walks of life and that a properly constructed personal or company profile may just tip them in your favor when they offer you a piece of business.

I know this works. I just had someone hire me who read my profile and admired my ability to speak to the reader, something he wants to emulate for his own career needs.

And I don’t know how he found me (he doesn’t recall either!) but it looks like I succeeded with my LinkedIn electronic branding. You can too.