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I love hearing success stories arising from using LinkedIn!

Two came to me in one day in December and I held off publishing this double-guest-blog-piece until now. Many thanks to colleagues Harvey Rosen (“The Power of LinkedIn”)  and Janet Falk (“Re-Connecting via LinkedIn Generates New Business’) for their first-hand stories that prove the value of LinkedIn to business professionals who use LinkedIn as a power tool to market themselves!

Do you have any stories to share?


The Power of LinkedIn

I often question the time and effort I spend developing my connections on LinkedIn, but recently that time was validated as time “well-spent!”

One day a few years ago, while working on adding new connections, I came upon an individual with whom I had been doing business for a number of years, only in a peripheral manner – she was a Divisional Program Manager for one my largest Not for Profit clients. I  hadn’t heard from her, nor done business with her for some time, when one morning her name popped up on my LinkedIn inbox as having left my client’s employ to take a position as an Executive Director for a small Not for Profit. I connected with her and asked if I could have the opportunity to review her new employer’s insurance portfolio. She was happy to hear from me but asked that I re-connect with her in the Fall once she had spent a little more becoming familiar with the organization’s operations and had gained an understanding of each of her employee’s portfolios.

I contacted her in early December and she invited me to meet with her and well as her new Director of Operations – it was a very productive meeting and we are now well on way to bidding for her organization’s insurance portfolio, and gain an excellent chance of acquiring  before long.

Once LinkedIn has proven itself to have the capacity to be a very powerful marketing tool!


Harvey H. Rosen is Vice President of Lamb Financial Group, an Insurance Brokerage Firm specializing in the Not for Profit community, based in NYC with offices throughout the US. He has been a General Insurance Broker since 1983 and served both Not for Profit organizations, as well as For Profit business in the New York Metropolitan Area.


Re-Connecting via LinkedIn Generates New Business

To develop new business leads, I made a list of contacts to whom I sent the following re-connect email:

Subject Line: Your Name Came to Mind


LinkedIn suggested your name, so I endorsed you for a few skills.

When can we grab a coffee to catch up?



Everyone who actively uses LinkedIn knows that the algorithm suggests names of connections and invites endorsements, so it is not a big surprise to read that a connection did precisely that.

What this brief note does is make the recipient sit up and say, “Wow, Janet is thinking of me. And she did me a good turn by endorsing me on LinkedIn. How thoughtful! I really should catch up with her/ give her a call/ get together with her.”

This simple note was sent to a contact with whom I had not spoken for two years and put me on his radar screen. He replied and, after a phone conversation, he asked me to take on a project. When I completed that, he asked me to work on a second one. Done. A few months later, came a third and a fourth project.

This re-connection turned him into a client, who now constitutes 10% of my revenue this year.

Quite an impressive ROI for a 27-word email.

How might re-connecting lead to new and more business for you?

Janet L Falk Hi resJanet Falk  provides Public Relations and Marketing Communications services to law firms, consultants and small businesses to attract new clients and retain customers. She helps nonprofit organizations generate media coverage to drive attendance to their events and supporters to their cause. You’ll learn more about these services on her website and her LinkedIn profile