biz_nonprofitsOr comment on it!

It’s all too easy to blithely click “like” when you see something on LinkedIn.

If you see an article or graphic, don’t just “like” it, as we don’t know more about the piece you are sharing unless you make a comment about WHY you bothered and WHY it appeals to you, and it should to me.

Then we can do the same for other we nurture and the additive effect makes it more valuable along the chain.

Don’t just like a work anniversary; rather, comment on it, sincerely, like adding “Bravo” or “Brava,” as the case may be, to the congratulatory message that LinkedIn suggest you send.

Or better, totally erase the default message and compose one on your own, from the heart and mind.

It takes but a few seconds.

So make a habit of taking a bit of time to share the personal learning network we all share with each other and enrich it more than you did ion the past. Please?