tinseltangleIt’s the height of the holiday season. Busy time.

One thing I hear repeatedly from attendees to my sessions is they just can’t find the time or muster the concentration to express themselves on LinkedIn, though they know they need to impress the reader why they do what they do.

So with some time off, and between parties and get-togethers, try this process:

  • first think hard about how you come across now and what you can do to say it better
  • try to think out of the box about yourself
  • look for inspiration at what others say, either competitors or admired colleagues
  • then start writing on Word and save every edition
  • walk away to let’s your writing “cool”
  • come back to it; tweak, trash or leave it alone
  • take the best of each edition and “shuffle” them together to a master edition
  • make the sections cohesive to add up to a renovated personal profile that tells your unique story.
  • ask trusted inner-circle comrades who can be honest with you: have you left anything out?, can you say something better?

Eureka! You have made progress. You get to talk about yourself, what you add to the mix, what you bring to the table. Now when does that happen in a project?

Do have fun with it.

Don’t stress. Make a schedule. Tackle one LinkedIn section at a time. One day at a time.

But resolve to complete your profile before the new year opens so you are off to a great start!