Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Giving gifts on #LinkedIn

Twrapped-gifthe post office was jammed yesterday. Grumbling queued up senders of packages, gifting all over the world. Worries about “will it get there on time?” “How much longer do I have to hold this?” “Why so few postal clerks working in this busiest of seasons?”

Here’s an idea: gift yourself to someone else.

Sounds crazy? Not so. And I will go one step further…do it all year, every day of the year.

If you have something of value, share it! Not just anything but something meaningful.

Share a recent article, share a pithy graphic (one of my favorites this year is below), share your thoughts in a LinkedIn Post and be a memorable thought leader to others.

Share something with just one person to let them know you thought about them. Rekindle an old professional relationship by taking the first step and “reach out and touch someone.” Or cherry pick certain individuals to share as a smaller select collection of people who will mutually benefit. Share with a LinkedIn Group.

You can do all this very effectively on LinkedIn.

No delay in the mail. Guaranteed to arrive on time.

Just be real and offer something of value.

Try it. It feels great.

Now look at this chart and think of how they will trust you with your ongoing shared material!


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