Today's LinkedIn Nugget

UI, gooey

molassesI have been advising you for a while that LinkedIn’s new UI (user interface) is coming.

Like molasses, it’s slowly oozing out and will soon be seeping into your desktop. And stick.

I wish I had it, but others do. So that means I will, and you will have it soon. There is no going back.

And it’s different. Enough to cause confusion. Some things were moved around, some deleted, others changed dramatically (like advanced search is a paid service now, ugh!)

Yes, we will adapt. We always do.

But change is not always fun so here’s wishing you an eventual warming adjustment to the new UI.

Once again I will advise you to request a download of your LinkedIn profile (see my previous blog post 11/14/16) so you do not lose anything, forever.

Some functions are going away for certain: such as tags and notes on your connections. I will sorely miss those and it’s been my CRM for years to keep my memory jogged: how do I know you, where did we meet, what did we message about, and what small self-named group did I place you in for shorthand messaging to you and the others? At least I have access to them in an archived file I downloaded from LinkedIn, following my own advice….

Oh well, they will always strive to improve LinkedIn better and we (or at least I) will grumble, but even after the new UI, it’s still pretty darned amazing what you can do on LinkedIn!

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