do notAnnouncement:

I am no longer considering boring, bland, default-language, poorly-thought-out LinkedIn connection requests. They will be summarily deleted.

I am being snarky you say?

Yes, I reserve that right.

I get so many requests that completely amaze me in how lame and lazy they are.

It’s finally come to this!

So if you ask me to connect I need you to articulate:

  • Have we even met and if so, where? Give me context so I have a clue..
  • More importantly, how can I help you as part of the new connection relationship? Tell me what brings us together.

And if I see a glimmer of hope, I may consider. But expect me to challenge you with the exact questions in the bold font above, but ask you to delve deeper than your original request. You will need to reply soon. Like within 48 hours, because business is conducted at the speed of bytes.

Just like you would not call me on the phone and not tell me who you are and what you want to discuss… or would you?

A connection is a privilege. I keep high standards. I suggest you do too.