3-booksI routinely show 3 books in all my LinkedIn educational sessions, ones that I have found empowering.

Each is placed on a shelf near my desk for reference. I hope you will read something inspiring this holiday season.

  1. The Start-Up of You, by Reid Hoffman, which I have read at least 8 times, speaks to me in a different way every  cycle. It’s that good. You are never a finished product, so embrace the freedom and your power to change and in doing so, reflect this in your brand accordingly. On LinkedIn too, I might add.
  2. Link Out, by Leslie Grossman, is another volume that has much to say in a short number of pages. One major takeaway: you have an entourage of reliable and honest confidantes to bounce ideas and ask important questions. Optimize that. They will do the same with you. Don’t only stay in your office and link to others and expect miracles. get out and meet and greet others.
  3. Start With Why, by Simon Sinek, from which I gleaned the need to tell us why you do what you do (WYDWYD) in your LinkedIn profile. This is a major theme in my upcoming book. So many nuggets drip out of the wisdom of this book. And since it’s been around a while, it’s worth another read.

Ok, so there you have it, some enjoyment and self-enrichment at the same time.

Each is an idea to give as a holiday gift to a colleague if you are at a loss for the right present. You will be thanked!

Thanks to Jill Schreibman for the photo.