Everything you are worth in the business market was a long climb up. Not always linear, I might add. But ever upward. Your experience shows in everything you say and do. And as I have been saying in this blog, it’s not just active movement but gestures and nuances on LinkedIn are interpreted by your readers as the capability and artistry in what you do for a living: in what you bring to the proverbial table that the rest do not. The gray areas between the lines.

Did you have to fight and win to achieve what you have as a business pro? Indeed. Is that story obvious and concise in your LinkedIn profile?

Probably not.

OK, that may sound harsh but truly seasoned pros I come across do not adequately express the backstory that makes them attractive as a business partner.

Do tell about your climb. Express the “why” that gets to the heart of you. Be bold and honest. Everyone respects that, because we all have a story to tell. And that may just be what wins you the leg up on the competitor.