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Best practices: #LinkedIn Posts

teachnigFeb2011WBDCSCOREI recently spoke to a small group of experienced professionals.  It was a hands-on, round-the-table “let’s take a critical look at your personal profile” with open laptops and iPads. You get the picture.

Many of my ideas that I threw out were instantly implemented by this advanced group.

A good session with many compliments (thank you!), telling me the attendees got much from my session.

One question came later on by email (my answers in red below). I get questions on this topic enough to make it a blog post for you who already Post, like the writer of the email, –and for those of you who want to start.

Marc, at your … seminar last Tuesday, someone asked you about recycling or re-purposing our content and you said YES.

I have lots of content in various forms and would like to start posting onto LinkedIn articles I have written:  post the material as “write/post and article”, on the right side of the page.

Would you say that once per week is a good idea?  Overkill?  Every two weeks? Post as often as you have timely and good quality material, and don’t have any schedule in mind. Once every 2-3 weeks is probably best. You can also serialize a post into parts and then increase the frequency to weekly if you like. Experiment, see what your reader like and keep an eye on the analytics to the Post(s) and write to the audience’s tastes.

And most importantly:  what about re-posting one of my articles again in the future?  How much time should I wait before I repeat an article posting on LinkedIn?  Two months?  Less time? Three months or so, but if there is a hot topic in the news that makes a previous piece of material you wrote very timely, then blast it out!? 

Here’s an article I like that is a tangent to your questions:

Do you have questions on best practices on LinkedIn? I am always ready to answer them for you and your fellow blog readers.

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