I write this every year and update as needed. This is part 2. Yesterday, if you missed it,  I gave you the first 5.

  1. Thanks for providing unlimited access to an up-to-date body of knowledge and FAQs found in the Help Center, access to which is found at the top right of every LinkedIn page as a dropdown box under your tiny picture. The answers are easy to follow and always accurate, keeping up with the changes to LinkedIn.
  2. When necessary, direct answers from the Help Desk are amazingly efficient, fast and personalized; nothing is ever canned. So thanks, LinkedIn for answers by real humans in natural language and best of all, they really try to help.  That in itself is pretty impressive, given there are 467+ million (up 71 million since same time last year) users who must be sending a helluva lot of questions to LinkedIn.
  3. Thanks for LinkedIn Posts where we are submitting original material. I have expressed opinions 97 times so far and provide what I hope is thought leadership to a global audience, shared over many months from its original publication. Comments back to me are especially gratifying, letting me know I can be influential.
  4. Thanks for making it easy to reorder the section headings on my profile and dragging the entire section to its new position.  I can also reorder my Experience and Publications section, so I am in fuller control of my profile.
  5. Finally, and most deservedly of all, thank all of you 3157 times (as many as my LinkedIn connections plus followers) for being there to help, for reading my postings, commenting and sharing them, and for offering advice and answers when I ask.  As I always say, “my network is my net worth” and you make my network so rich and rewarding in all my business pursuits. Look for a book I am writing appearing this time next year.

I wish you a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving.

I will be taking Thursday and Friday off. Next blog post is Monday 28Nov16.