rake leavesLast Friday’s blog post suggested you start the process to ask LinkedIn for a data download of your entire profile asap before the user interface changes and some sections are deleted.

Having that data  ensure you can use those hard-earned, expertly-written but no-longer-visible sections elsewhere in your profile.

It comes to you in 2 parts. The second part of the download includes a database of your connections on LinkedIn. Perhaps you need it for an email blast. Perhaps for another marketing project or just to have a database you can refer to and parse whenever you want.

It comes a few days after your first request it. Mine came closer to 5 days but I have to allow for a weekend in the middle, at about noon on Sunday, after my asking for it 11/15/16.

But it came and I downloaded and stored it safely for later reference.


I suggest you do the same, following the earlier and this blog posts’ recommendations.right away.