noiseWe all have them, noisy LinkedIn connections who post “stuff” too frequently, usually low quality material as well, or update us on all the meals they are eating each day.

No amount of shooting shade, evil eyes or browbeating seems to get through.Yet you still need (for whatever reason is important to you) keep them as a connection.

What to do? You can easily tune them out, without severing your LinkedIn connection to them.

Here’s how from the LinkedIn Help Center:

Unfollowing a connection, company, or topic will hide all updates from that person or entity on your LinkedIn Home Page feed going forward. If you unfollow a person, this does not remove your connection. You will remain connected to this person but will not see their future updates in your feed. They will not be notified that you have unfollowed them.

To unfollow a person, company, or topic:

  1. Move your cursor over the Dropdown icon in the top right corner of the update in that latest feed.
  2. Click Unfollow [name] from the list of options that appears. You’ll immediately have the option to Undo.


  • You can also unfollow a person by clicking the Following button on their profile.
  • If you believe that the update is offensive or inappropriate, click Report this update and choose the appropriate option.

Another difference between following and connecting to a person.

Thanks to my latest class to ask me how to do this, and the first time anyone asked in all my 6+ years of teaching LinkedIn!