roughroadToday I continue a three part series to teach underemployed boomers how to use LinkedIn for their job search needs.

Then later in the day I will start teaching a 2-part course, combining the standard 3-part series into a more intensive course. 

Different group of registrants, different sponsor, same message.

There’s a wide diversity of attendees at these sessions, some technophobes, some have that deer-in-the headlights glare that they are still coming to grips with losing their job, some really have their stuff together and want to change the world. And everything in between.

In each situation I intend to give them more to carry along in their search. Everyone brings a different perspective and experience to the table and the LinkedIn tool is the branding method of being memorable. And not just in the job search, but beyond.

Nothing witty or earthshaking in this blog post. Just the good feeling I have, knowing I am helping others at a time they feel so vulnerable.