confused2The election is over. Many are confused, angry, worried, all natural reactions. No matter what side you were on, there is a palpable need for the country to come back together, one act and one person at a time.

I say convert negative feelings to positive action. Do something fruitful. Make a choice to benefit others. Reach deep inside and decide which (or both) of these actions you want to utilize to contribute your positive signal of commitment to a better world:


1) Donate your fundsdonatenowbutton


2) Donate your time and expertiseli_volunteer_logo



LinkedIn allows you to search and research your beneficiary/ies for either or both.

  1. If you desire to make a financial donation to a cause you feel passionate about post-election, search for the key word in a “company” name and nonprofits will appear in the search results, on which you can click and see their LinkedIn company profile page and also a link to their website for an online donation. Reward nonprofits that seek your support via their LinkedIn presence.
  2. If you altruistically desire to volunteer your time and services to an organization you feel could benefit from your participation, open the “Volunteering Opportunities” section in Edit Your Profile on LinkedIn and  self-nominate to the “job board” that awaits you. Offering your pro bono expertise or board participation awaits! I spoke of this tool earlier in this blog.

But do something (!) rather than despair that will affect others in a good way and you will feel relief that you contributed in a fruitful way.

I am.