Today's LinkedIn Nugget

A bleary post-election blogpost

The sky was redder than usual, pun intended. The birds still sang. The world began anew, not necessarily in the same way it did the day before.

The election is over, the healing must begin and the world reaction will be fascinating.

But like a long courtship of a client in which you as a value-added entrepreneur provide all manner of expert support and advice, and at the last minute the decision is taken to go away from you and instead to another less appropriate competitor (all in the eyes of the beholder), you feel jilted, betrayed and introspective. Validate and accept the feeling. Move on.

The 18 months of the mean, slanderous campaigns are over. The potential for the alienation of masses of people is not unique in recent history, and we must prepare to honor and respect each other’s opinion and the majority rule of the Electoral College.

Reader, do not self-question; solidify your resolve. Push forward in the good fight you passionately believe in. Articulate the brand of you, and why you do what you do, on both your LinkedIn profiles (personal and company). Curate and share the material you believe others need to absorb.

Add value. Do not despair over the loss of a potential prospect, an existing client, a trusted advisor, a revered mentor, or a political candidate. Life is about moving onward and upward despite a tumble. Now I have to convince myself as well and work positivity into my daily endeavors. Join me.

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