I am handling a new smartphone iOS, an upcoming revised LinkedIn user interface, concerned about next week’s most momentous presidential election, working on my new book-in-process: so many new things to ponder and juggle.

Change is good, in most cases. Sometimes it just takes getting used to a nuance that upsets your equilibrium. Keeps you on your proverbial toes.

Someone planned, executed, debugged, and introduced the change you are experiencing. Hopefully they fully debugged the critters out; it takes extra time to make the changes perfect and the benefits fully visible. Just like it takes adaptation for us to find new ways to co-opt the changes to our own specific needs. A two way street.

The message? Mighty dinosaurs once roamed but expired in what is believed to be a poof in time. Couldn’t handle the change.

Today no one can claim being “tech challenged” as an excuse any more. There are many places to join the 20th and 21st centuries even designed with the 60-90 year old set in mind. See TechBoomers. Read my colleague Janet Granger‘s new bookDigital Influence for Baby Boomers.

Get with the newest tech developments, update your LinkedIn apps on your smartphone, and when the new LinkedIn UI is introduced, embrace it, use it often to familiarize yourself and make it a power tool of your daily business life.

Adapt now. Unless you don’t care about the alternative…