Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Swimming and swarming

fish.jpgThere’s an informal e-group of LinkedIn experts who chat online about upcoming and ongoing LinkedIn topics on a global basis.

Coop-etition in its best form.

Swimmingly, we have been eagerly anticipating the new LinkedIn user interface (UI), to be distributed very soon (?).

We have been postulating and pontificating: what it might look like, accomplish better, eliminate, until one member in the UK got his profile in the new UI.

Not so for the rest of us. Fair? No.

He has been generous enough to share.

But I do recall the last time LinkedIn changed its UI and this uneven approach to distributing access is again inconsistently consistent.

Now we LinkedIn gurus are hungry to analyze how to advise our clients, swarming for access, because unequally providing this to one but not others is just plain odd.

I won’t say it’s rigged; why would I go so low?

I will wait patiently as I can.You will find out about it when I do.