wartsLinkedIn is not perfect. Being an independent consultant (not compensated by LinkedIn in any way) I can be critical, constructively for the most part.

It’s not intuitive to use. It’s hard to find the “good stuff” hidden on LinkedIn, and one of the take-aways from my sessions (and hopefully from this blog) is where to look in the nooks and crannies, to make you more successful using this tool.

And with the new user interface coming (soon) there will be more confusion. Get ready again for new growing pains. I recall the anguish the last time the UI changed….

But likewise, many LinkedIn personal AND company profiles are ruddy and incomplete, or too overdone, rarely in-between; they have typos or grammatical errors, or just fail to tell the whole story of the person or the firm, their past, present and aspirations for the future.

Or you make it hard to contact you. Either lacking the info to make this happen, or your true colors do not shine through.

Do this now: fix the flaws, pave over the gaps, read and correct your profile now before a reader drops by, gets underwhelmed (despite the big send up you got from your referral colleague) and leaves, never to come back. It happens very quickly.

You cannot afford that.