awardRecently LinkedIn advised my connections that I was celebrating the 15th year of my online payments business.

I thank everyone who offered me a “like” or congratulatory message (whether via the default language provided by LinkedIn or they went a bit further and personalized their remarks).

It always feels good to have your colleagues acknowledge historic milestones in your business career, even if that number of years is not such a monumental number such as 15. It took a lot of single years, annually, to get to 15. So every kudo, every year was, and is, appreciated.

Without sounding ungrateful to all that sent me wishes, the comments that meant the most were the ones from connections who went beyond a “like” or beyond the default language and added a one-to-one special thought. They took the few seconds to express something beyond the fast and easy way.

Not that I am ungrateful to the rest of you…you know me. In these blog posts I just try to offer you a new and higher perspective beyond what the usual behavior is on LinkedIn…

What I am suggesting is that when you have something to wish towards someone, say it, personalized and directly to the honoree, awardee, anniversaree, the new hiree.

Be yourself. You don’t gush to just everyone, and not on every occasion, but you CAN to the ones you feel best in doing so. A couple of sentences takes seconds to key in. That’s your only time commitment to do so.

Take a step on the warmer side, add a personal sentence or two or three to comment or congratulate someone. They will appreciate it.

And you will too when it’s your turn.