theatrelightsYou never know when someone looks at your profile (for any reason) until they have come, looked, and left. And they only spend a brief period (seconds), so it had better be a great profile you are putting forth.

You already know how I advocate expressing the “why you” on your profile!

LinkedIn will show you the last 5 people in the last 90 days who looked at your profile for the free version, and more people if you subscribe. More details can be found here.

You can (may) ask them, nicely, and professionally, if there is something you can help them with. I doubt you will get a reply; at least, that’s been my experience. I just don’t think they were expecting me to inquire, so they darted away. Perhaps one day one viewer will reply and the rest is up to me…

Best to be ready with a profile showing you the reasons why they should consider you, written smartly to reflect well on you.