Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Priorities on #LinkedIn

choicesLife is full of choices. Some more pressing than others.

Writing this blog is one of them, something I prioritize and make a part of my regular workday schedule.

Your business communications have to be sorted and prioritized when you open your email box at the beginning of each working day.

Who and what to respond to first? What to say and how to say it? Choices, priorities.

And as fast paced as we operate today, it’s juggling of decisions. Quality responses. No time for uncertainty or confusion. You want to grab the opportunity to show your true colors, your value prop, your street creds, whatever your aim is.

But with so much static and distraction, one of the best ways to put your personal business brand out there is in your LinkedIn actions and gestures.

Look for an upcoming guest blog post next month I was asked to provide. It was a hard piece to write as I explored ideas I had never put into writing. It took a lot of introspection and editing.

I made the choice to go outside my usual “why you do what you do” and expand in to methods of showing the “why,” both in words, which I am using now, and in overt actions and subtle gestures. I stretched a bit. Uncomfortable throughout the revision process, I persevered and arrived at a quality end point (at least I think so). So did the woman who asked me to appear as a guest on her blog.

The LinkedIn moral (because there has to be one): expand your horizons beyond a binary choice (as in the photo) and find the shades of meaning in your career themes to demonstrate to the reader of your LinkedIn profile. say it and show it in different ways in each section of your profile.

BTW I will not be blogging tomorrow due to the Yom Kippur holiday.