thatwasgoodI was asked to be a guest blogger and to present a workshop to a small group, both in November. The same person asked both, which is really a compliment.

The never-ending self-question: What should I aim to convey (in both)?

I tracked back to a recent LinkedIn Post that I liked and the message in which was well-regarded by readers and followers. (Yes, you can review analytics on individual Posts to ascertain how effective they are, or not.)

I had discovered a video with a universal theme, the reading audience liked my commentary, so readers of my colleague’s blog should too, all things being equal.

And the topic is timely and timeless, so it serves as the basis for a new expanded slide deck that I’ll put together for my next group audience.

Repurposing. Quality (as I perceive it) vs. quantity of work.

I’ll let you know how it goes (next month after it’s been blogged and presented).