Networking Courtesy of HBSUFaced with a slightly less-than-exciting weekend, we decided we could stay home and vegetate or get out and try some new things to do.

Going outside your comfort zone can be like entering a twilight zone. Going it alone is especially worrisome to some. Starting to work a room full of people you don’t yet know leads to…well, who knows?

In three instances, all in one weekend, we persevered, got out and had a blast. Each situation led to various great outcomes. New people to interact with. Even one surprise serendipitous crossed-path with a great friend.

I urge you to sign up for that next workshop, participate in that next discussion, force your innermost introvert to expose itself at that next networking event.

In each situation all you have to do is meet one great contact. More than one is even better.

Yes, use LinkedIn to do so as well. Connect2collaborate. Yah nevah know!