Today's LinkedIn Nugget

“You’re the only one who came to pitch someone else’s business”

rocketI wish that was said about me. It was said to Steve Tessler, as he relates the story.

It is a summation of his persona. If you meet him, you immediately “get” his giving nature. Very few people earn such a compliment as in the title of this blog installment.

Knowing Steve, you will feel comfortable as a respected and referable peer. But of course, I had to earn that.

I had the good fortune to spend some 1-on-1 time with him comparing notes as we walked in NYC yesterday. We agree on so many planes.

From that walk I was on my way to meet with one of his referrals, one of his most valued clients. In the appointment we found there is good potential for business opportunity. By Steve setting the tone, I carried the responsibility for developing concepts into reality, pain into relief.

I did not expect him to pre-sell my services. I was just fortunate to receive his warm endorsement as a referral. I rose to the expectation he set for me and his client.

As you know, business relationships take many forms and work in different formats. LinkedIn is my musical instrument to bring great connections into harmony and watch the creative sparks fly.

It makes my job easy if one connection’s profile speaks for him/herself with just my brief introduction to the other person. Like Steve, I serve as the catalyst, then I step aside. They carry the music on to new levels.

I am pleased to have facilitated the first steps in many success stories, and I hope you see how vital LinkedIn can be, BUT (and a big but) your LinkedIn profile must speak for you and express why you do what you do–really well.

That’s one first giant step, then perhaps comes that meeting, or two, (or three), one at a time. One thing leads to another. Sales success is iterative.

Nothing starts unless the first step is met.


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