goJust got the email I was awaiting from the American Bar Association:

LinkedIn® Marketing Strategies for Law and Professional Practices: Techniques That Work has officially launched into production!

It’s been a work in progress since late May 2015, when I first met with them to put forward my concept for a field guide to smarter use of LinkedIn  as a marketing tool.

Coming in February 2017.

From the back cover:

Hundreds of millions of global businesspeople use LinkedIn daily as a power tool to forge connections, nurture relationships, search, assess, and choose professionals they can rely upon. Like any tool, using it right brings optimal effectiveness.

After 7 years coaching and training professional practitioners: consultants, attorneys, CPAs, insurance producers, financial planners, and multipreneurs–just about anyone offering services–I was convinced we need a field reference guide, time-tested, broken into short blocks covering each LinkedIn section.

We professionals work tirelessly to perfect our marketing and branding to clients and answer:

  • “Why choose me?”
  • “What unique experience can I offer?” and
  • “How can I demonstrate my value and skillset?”

Building our brand takes time, deep thought, and continual tweaking. A few embrace this ongoing challenge. Most shiver at the thought and stop short.

Here’s what this book does differently: it doesn’t tell you what to do, where to click, with directions that go stale soon after publishing due to a change in LinkedIn; rather, it explores long term marketing techniques and concepts: how and why to make each LinkedIn section work, and based on actual experiences.

It explains how to manage your brand within your LinkedIn profile: an essential skill, no matter what field you practice in, adding special focus on attorneys and other professionals under the ethics and compliance guidelines in their industries.

The book you are holding will lead you to express why you do what you do, and thus convince clients that you are the one they need.

With thanks to all who contributed and participated (many of you reading this blog post).